What do people think about electric vehicle range?

“How far can you go in an electric vehicle?”

That’s one of the most common questions our Next Ride gets asked at our electric vehicle test drive  events, but a recent survey from CAA has revealed that range anxiety fades over time.

According to CAA, over 66 per cent of current EV owners said a perceived lack of range was a key concern before they bought their car. After owning an EV for a while, only 30 per cent of survey respondents still worry about range.

What do test drive attendees say?

Much like the survey respondents, Nova Scotians who go for test drives with us are also interested in a vehicle’s range. Brendan Piper, one of our electric vehicle engagement specialists, has spent years driving EVs around the province and helping people learn more about them.  

 “Once I remind drivers how infrequently most people travel three to four hours on the highway without stopping, I generally see them relax more on range as a key concern,” he says.

What advice do our experts have?

Our EV experts – who you might have met at a test drive – have learned a lot about the best way to manage an electric vehicle’s range. Next Ride EV Engagement Specialist, Sondra McAllister encourages drivers to make use of charging apps like PlugShare when planning routes on longer road trips.

“It lets you see if someone is using a charger,” said McAllister. “And PlugShare allows users to report on any charging issues as they arise for others to see.”

McAllister also shared that another helpful tip for people to track how much they drive in a week. “Most people drive much less than they think they do,” she added.

Electric vehicle range is always improving, and it’s common for current models to do between 300 and 500 kilometers on a single charge depending on the make and model.

If you have questions about EVs and how they could fit your lifestyle, why not book a test drive? Schedule yours today with our Next Ride team and ask the experts.

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