Debunking the myth that EVs only come in sedans

Have you heard people saying that electric vehicles only come in sedans?

Maybe, you think that Teslas are the only electric vehicles on the market? These are just two of the many common misconceptions around the versatility of EVs. The truth is—there’s an EV for just about everything!

EVs were originally released in the form of small and compact sedans but they have since evolved to larger sedans, SUVs, trucks, hatchbacks and even e-bikes! You’ll find EVs on farms, in your neighbour’s driveway, in company fleets and everywhere in between. There are also electric tractors and pickup trucks that farmers worldwide are using to revolutionize their operations and reduce their fuel expenses over the long term.

EVs even work for large families. Need some extra space or leg room for your passengers? Models such as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or the Hyundai Ioniq 5, might just do the trick.

Maybe you like to travel light and prefer a small, trendy car? Well, you’ve guessed it! There is an EV for that purpose too, like the Chevy Bolt or the Mini Cooper SE3.

Perhaps you’re looking for a higher end, luxury experience, then a Tesla may be for you. Some EVs even allow you to camp in them like the Nissan Pop-Top Electric Campervans and the Volkswagen Type 20.   Who doesn’t love a multifaceted vehicle? Have we shared enough that you believe that EVs are so much more than just sedans?

As electric technology develops and innovates this will continue to impact the evolution of EV models. To learn more about current EVs that qualify for provincial and federal rebates visit  EV Assist.

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