How to save big when you buy electric

What you need to know about rebates for electric vehicles and e-bikes. 

In the market for new wheels  but at a crossroads if you want to buy electric? The Electrify Nova Scotia Rebate Program may be the sign you’ve been looking for to help you drive home a new electric vehicle (EV) or e-bike.  

What to know when purchasing an EV 

If you’re considering making an EV your next purchase, you’re going to want to read on to learn how you can save money! In Nova Scotia, residents may be eligible for a provincial rebate when they buy or lease qualifying models of new, or used, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) from provincial dealerships. If that’s not enough to get your engine running, this rebate can be combined with federal rebates offered under the iZEV program. You could potentially save anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 of the cost of your EV purchase during your point-of-sale transaction.  

Prospective owners have plenty of models to choose from. Find out more about which models qualify for Electrify and federal rebates here 

Eligibility requirements for purchasing an e-bikes  

Two wheels more your style? E-bikes retailing for $1,200 or over may be eligible for a $500 rebate. Here are a few highlights on how to qualify for an Electrify rebate for an e-bike: 

The exact rebate amount you are eligible for depends on certain factors–you can learn more about them here. 

Businesses and organizations can benefit too 

Did you know Nova Scotia businesses can also qualify for electric vehicle and e-bike rebates? Municipal governments, First Nations and businesses and non-profits registered in Nova Scotia can also apply. Every calendar year, they are eligible to receive rebates for a maximum of 10 new and 10 used vehicles and 10 e-bikes. 

Rebates are provided on a first come, first-serve basis. To better understand Electrify’s rebate eligibility requirements and to learn if your vehicle qualifies visit today!  

Feel the thrill of driving electric

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Electrify Rebate program

Up to $8000 in Provincial and Federal rebates exist for qualifying electric vehicles.