What to expect on your Next Ride test drive

Let’s find out!

The Next Ride team has given electric vehicle test drives to thousands of folks all over Nova Scotia, but there’s still plenty of people who haven’t felt the thrill of driving electric–including you!

Here’s a few tips to help you navigate your Next Ride test drive journey.

    1: Find our branded tent (the one with the BIG Next Ride logo on it) and come on over.

    Next Ride events take place all over Nova Scotia, from the Annapolis Valley to Cape Breton Island, so you can choose the location that works for you. Upon arrival, locate our tent and head on over to chat with one of our friendly staff. (They’re really, really, nice—we promise!)  

    2: Sign in with one of our EV experts.

    If you’ve booked a test drive slot ahead of time, or are hoping to snag one in the moment, one of our team will need to sign you in. We’ll check your driver’s license, explain our safety procedures and have you, and any passengers along for the ride, sign a waiver.

    3: Check out your new ride.

    Now the fun begins! One of our knowledgeable EV experts will walk you around the car, the e-bike or the truck if you’ve booked the F! You’ll learn where the charging points are, how to open the trunk and frunk (you’re curious we know), and facts about the vehicle you’re about to drive.

    4: Get inside and settle in.

    The last step before hitting the road is to sit in the car and go through the controls. We’ll show you how to start the car and talk to you through key features such as regenerative braking.  

    5: It’s drive time!

    The best part has arrived! Finally you get to feel the thrill of driving electric. You’ll embark behind the wheel on a 10-to-15-minute preplanned route with one of our team members.  This is a great time to ask questions and learn more about the electric vehicle you’re driving.

    6:Tell your friends!

    Did you enjoy your EV test drive experience with Next Ride? Tell your friends and family! They can find out about upcoming Next Ride events and sign up at the link below.

    Feel the thrill of driving electric

    We’re adding new events every day!

    Electrify Rebate program

    Up to $8000 in Provincial and Federal rebates exist for qualifying electric vehicles.