A deep-dive with Zevvy, our longstanding test drive vehicle

If you’ve taken an electric vehicle (EV) test drive with Next Ride, chances are you’ve driven Zevvy, our 2019 Chevrolet Bolt.

Even if you haven’t given Zevvy a drive, you’ve probably seen it at events filled to the brim with all our supplies.

After four years offering Nova Scotians the chance to feel the thrill of driving electric, the team’s sharing some of our favourite highlights about the car that’s been here from the start with Next Ride.

Zevvy’s impact in numbers

In four years of test drives and tours around Nova Scotia, Zevvy has racked up an impressive set of stats. Zevvy’s odometer currently sits at 48,000 kilometres. That’s the equivalent of driving from Yarmouth to the very tip of Cape Breton 82 times!

The cost of that mileage? Zevvy mainly charges in our Dartmouth office with some top ups from Level 3 chargers on longer journeys. We estimate that the total cost to charge our beloved colleague since they’ve joined Next Ride is around $1,800—seems like a steal of a deal, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact number of people that have driven Zevvy, but we know more than 10,000 people have taken an EV test drive with Next Ride – we suspect Zevvy was involved for quite a lot of those.  

How Zevvy helps our Next Ride team

Don’t let Zevvy’s size fool you!  Clean’s Transportation Engagement Officer, Sondra McAllister, says one of the Bolt’s best features is that it’s a compact hatchback that’s very practical for Next Ride events.

“It is deceivingly spacious and can fit all our gear into the back of it, including our 10×10 foot tent, which blew my mind when I first started with the team,” said McAllister. “Zevvy has a great range, with 418 km on one charge, making it a very reliable EV for our more rural events.”

Colin Robar, Clean’s Electric Vehicle Engagement Officer calls Zevvy “the underrated star of Next Ride”. He knows first-hand what a great car it is for teaching people about driving electric.

“The flashy EVs get people to the events, but the moment people test drive Zevvy is when they truly get sold on the idea of owning an EV,” shares Robar. “Zevvy is just so much fun, so approachable and really drives home the joy of driving electric.”

If you have questions about EVs and want to get behind the wheel, schedule your test drive today with our Next Ride team.

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